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PDS Coaching Excellence Fundamentals Members Area

PDS Coaching Excellence Fundamentals Members Area - More Than Just A Course!

After over 30 years of developing the PDS coaching principles & organisational change strategies, I have finally put together an online training & support package.

This online package will provide you with the self-awareness, coaching principles & strategies to help get the best out of yourself, your team & the people teach, coach, mentor & manage.

It also provides robust strategies to initiate & importantly, embed the required changes to build a sustainable inclusive needs centred culture.

Building from my successful one day masterclass, I cover over 3 times more content here, with additional recorded 'real world' examples of the PDS principles in action (over 20) & regular recorded Q&A updates. All this content for 12 months for the price of a 1 day masterclass!

14 Modules

Updated 2023 With New Content - Finding a Peer Support Group! A Quick Tour of the Members Area

Connecting With Other Members To Set Up Your Peer Support

Here you can find other members to set up your own peer support group!

Find out how in this short recording!

Ask Me A Question!

Here you can ask those questions that you're struggling to find the answer to.

Listen to the recording to find out how.

And remember; often the question you ask is one that many others could benefit from, so don't delay!

Recorded Examples, Interviews & Key Note Speaking

Here I share some real world recorded examples of the PDS coaching principles in action, including some interviews & Key Note speaking

Short Tutorials - PDS Tools & Strategies

Here I will share some shorter tutorials on the main PDS tools & strategies, plus some additional content beyond the tutorial chapters.  

Your answers to the questions at the end of the tutorial chapters & your comments under the resources will also influence the subjects I build on here

Remember these are not replacements to the chapter tutorials; they are additional to. So please ensure you work through the main chapters to learn the fundamentals first.


The oldest podcast is at the top & the newest at the bottom

Here you will find a variety of guest podcasts from around the world, sharing the PDS coaching approach, philosophy, principles, tools, strategies & examples. 

Modules for this product 14
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